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This page is my favorite edits of our wheeling runs (edited by me of course)

I have a bunch of raw/un-edited wheelin videos of me and my friends (mostly Jeep Wrangler JK's) on my YouTube Channel. I recommend subscribing to it so you can be notified of any future additions.


Barnwell Mountain (Jan. 1, 2009)
A really cool video of our New Years run to Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area in Gilmer, TX.
Music: "Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold

Shiloh Ridge (Dec. 31 2008)
On our way to Barnwell Mountain, we stopped for a day of playing at Shiloh Ridge in Alto, TX.
Music: "Breakdown" by Tantric

Shiloh Ridge (Memorial weekend 2008)
Spent the weekend at Shiloh Ridge in Alto,TX
Music: "Don't Hold Back" by The Sleeping

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