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Jeep Nation (leader of Houston chapter): an all inclusive Jeep club- Free membership. This is a really good family friendly club. We plan multiple runs per year- wheeling runs, beach trips, etc. And the runs are open to all skill levels from 1st timers to hardcore wheelers. Members also receive a discount from 4 Wheel Parts stores... chapters in San Antonio, Houston and Waco Texas. If you would like to start a chapter in your area just contact Renee Edwards. Or if you would like to join one of the existing chapters, just fill out the application.

TX4WD (member of Katy Chapter): We are a free club offering you, the 4x4 enthusiast, membership in a statewide club and your own individual local chapter to meet and wheel with.  As a member, you can also be added to the club's chat line through your chapter president offering you further connection to your fellow off-roaders across Texas.  TX4WD is a friendly, family orientated, educational and fun club.  In addition to local wheeling, chapters unite to provide the club with four large events a year, one each quarter. 

Forums you can find us on
our user names are always "N2rock" and "HippyJeepChick" official forum for Jeep Nation, but is open anyone. This is a great forum- there's no BS forum politics going on. Just a bunch of great people (just watch out for that RedneckHouston guy! LOL) If you own a JK, this is the place to be. The members are (for the most part) great, and there is more JK knowledge here than any place else on the web. This is the grand-daddy of Jeep forums. The biggest Jeep specific forum out there. There are different areas for each model, as well as general non-model specific areas. You can usually find me in the JK Technical Forum, and the Wrangler General Discussions forum

TX4WD (Katy Chapter Forum):

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